Deliverance From Stagnation/Setback

Text: Deuteronomy 1vs 6-8


(1) Stagnation is an evil bus stop in your journey to your promised land

(2) setback is a negative turning point

(3) Setback is a place of attack

(4) Stagnation is when you see your promised land and never enter it to possess it

(5) Stagnation is a place of frustration and discouragement

(6) Setback is a place that makes people miss their blessings after they have laboured

(7) Stagnation is a place of confusion

(8) Setback is a place of disappointment at the edge of a breakthrough

(9) Stagnation/setback is a place of destruction if you tarry there for too long


(1) No progress because it ties a man to one spot

(2) Makes you miss your divine timing and opportunities

(3) Rotating around the same spot

(4) Rising and falling, repeated failure

(5) Demotion from grace to grass

(6) Living below heaven’s standard and expectations for your life

(7) Lack of focus or plans, no clear definition of where you are going

(8)Diverted life

(9) Wrong positioning both in the dream and physical

(10) Miss your divine timing

(11) Absence on your day of blessings and favour

(12) Refusal to listen to good advice

(13) Helpers disappear on become unfriendly

(14) Going to wrong places and wrong people for help

(15) Murmuring against God


(1) Evil counselors

(2) Serpentine spirit

(3) Destiny wasters

(4) Unbelief

(5) House house enemies

(6) Evil association

(7) Evil speaking


(1) Surrender your life to Jesus


(1) Every yoke of stagnation and setback operating in my life and family, be destroyed by the blood of Jesus

(2) Every witchcraft power that is working against my progress, die in Jesus name

(3) My hands and legs,tied in the realm of the spirit be loosed in Jesus name

(3) All my glories that are under Satanic torment , arise and locate me in Jesus name

(4) Every family curse of eating from hand to mouth that is operating in my life, be nullified by the blood of Jesus

(5) Every monitoring spirit of poverty and suffering around my life die in Jesus name

(6) Every evil done against me during my childhood to trouble me in the future, be destroyed by the blood of Jesus

(7) Powers of stagnation that are working against my life and family be destroyed by the blood of Jesus

(8) Every Satanic altar that is dragging me backwards, be destroyed by the blood of Jesus

(9) Every evil spirit that is chasing away my miracle and blessings, catch fire 🔥 in Jesus name

(10) Every spirit of stagnation that is working against my marriage, business, finance, job, children, and childbearing be destroyed by the blood of Jesus

Every Satanic power that is activating stagnation and delay in my life die in Jesus’ name

(12) Every spiritual chain of slavery upon my life, scatter by fire 🔥 in Jesus’ name

(13) Whatever the spirit of stagnation and setback has denied me of, I recover them all in Jesus name



(1) On Friday 6/10/2023 someone called my brother that lives in Abuja and told him that he want to give him a contract, then my brother called me and told me what happened because he doesn’t know Portharcourt much, he forwarded the number to me and I called the man and the man sounded very responsible and also asked me to come with him, but my spirit rejected him immediately, then I told my brother not to go, but to my greatest surprised and Sunday 8/10/2023 he enter motor from Abuja coming to Portharcourt, he called me when he was already in Umuahia Abia State I still told him not to go rather he should stop at Umuahia so I can pick him up but he refused, on getting to Portharcourt the same people kidnapped him and took him to a forest in Etche and started demanding for ransom or they will kill him, when I called pastor and told him, he said I should not panic, he called some Dss men and Police he knows also they started making move and giving security advice, they also advise we should pay in some money into their account so they won’t kill him , then pastor started praying, after some hours my brother escaped from their hand , he Trek for about 4hours before he could get to the road , he pleaded with someone and used her phone to call me I now directed him on how to get my wife in Portharcourt.i want to thank God for my brother’s release from the hands of kidnappers praise God from Apostle Alex

Friday Testimony

(1) I work in a rehabilitation centre, some weeks ago some of the young men and women that are under rehabilitation in our custody about 48 of them escaped, then our boss started threatening us that he would detain all of us that are working on that department and also sack us, I came back and told the pastor he said I should not worry myself, he prayed for me, after the prayers 2 people returned back and confessed how they escaped, after some days everyone in that department where sacked, I and one other person where retained, I just want to thank God because for retaining my job praise God from mummy Nwakaego

(3) On Sunday 8/10/2023, the pastor made a prophetic declaration that someone would receive a financial favour, I keyed into it, the next day I received a good financial favour praise God from sis Oge

(4) I used to hear the cry of a cat every night on my window, i told the pastor he prayed for me on Monday 9/10/2023, after the prayers he said I would not hear the cry of the cat again close to my window, brethren since then I have not heard it again praise God from sis Precious Ishikaku George

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