Deliverance From Midnight Attack

Text: Psalm 27, Acts 16 vs 25-26, Mathew 13 vs 24-25, Exodus 11 vs 4-6

Midnight is an hour of spiritual warfare

It is a period where the agents of darkness are gathered to perpetrate their wickedness

The Bible says, While men slept the enemies went and sow tares ( Mathew 13 vs 24-25 )

As a child of God, you need to be steadfast in your prayers

One of the most powerful time to fight your enemies is during the midnight hour with your prayers

Midnight prayers is the prayers done at 12:am

It is the hour the enemies gathers together with their charms to fight their victims

An evil man or woman can stand up at the midnight hour to fire evil arrows against their victims

During midnight hour people often encounter bad dreams and spiritual attack on their body

The hour of midnight is an hour spiritual warfare

Between agent of darkness and believers

The common time for spiritual attack is between 12:am to 3:am

These attack mainly comes from witchcraft powers ,marine powers, occult powers, native doctors, evil men and women etc

Many dangerous things are crawling, moving and flying at midnight hour ( Psalm 91 vs 5 )

Jesus gave an illustration in the book of Matthew 13 vs 24-25

The watch men where not vigilant and watchful so the enemies came and planted an evil seed in their farm

Any Christian who is not prayerful or not lover of midnight prayers, the devil may come and and sow all manners of problems in his or her life

That is why you see a lots of Christians with many problems

Serious Christians don’t over sleep at night

Or get tired of midnight prayers


(1) It is a time transition from one day to another, God can transform your life as you constantly pray at night

(2) Midnight is a time of great spiritual activities both good and evil, destinies of men are shaped and interrupted at midnight, somebody may interrupt your life at night

(3) Great calamities are spiritually affected at midnight. God had to wait until midnight to execute judgement on Egyptians ( Exodus 11 vs 4-6 )

(4) Midnight is the time people are more vulnerable to spiritual attack, it is the time the enemies lay siege and render people defenceless, it is also a time that you can launch a deadly attack on your enemies camp through prayers

As a Christian, you can break, open closed doors as you pray at midnight ( Judges 16 vs 3 )

(6) Mysterious things happen mostly at midnight

(7) Great spiritual transaction happen mostly at midnight

(8) Wicked operation happen mostly at midnight.

(9) Prayers at midnight is a sacrifice that can not go unrewarded


(1) Every Satanic power that is using the midnight hour to attack me and my family, die in Jesus name

(2) Every environmental witches and wizard that is always gathering at the midnight hour to attack me, die by fire 🔥 in Jesus name

(3) Oh God arise and let my midnight prayers carry 🔥 against my enemies in Jesus name

(4) Every evil arrow fired against me while I was asleep, return back to your sender in Jesus name

(5) Every evil bird, rat, and cat that is always moving around my environment at midnight, fall down and die in Jesus name

(6) Any evil power assigned to kill me and my family this year, return back to your sender and kill him or her in Jesus’ name

(7) Any evil man or woman that is always calling my name in his or her evil altar every midnight, die in Jesus’ name

(8) Oh God arise and send your 🔥 against any evil altar that is working against me in Jesus’ name

(9) Every agent of darkness that is working against me during the night, die in Jesus’ name

(10) Blood-sucking demons assigned to suck my blood and my children’s blood every night, die in Jesus name


(1) I lost my job some years ago, and since then it has not been easy for me, and all my life there’s no day I don’t encounter spiritual attack every night, some times I will see my spirit living my body, it will be as if I have gone to another world until one of the counselling day, the Pastor conducted deliverance for me, since then I have not been having midnight attack, secondly when I lost my job after some times I started squatting with my friend in his house 🏠 and for a very long time I don’t have a house of my own but after that deliverance, I got a house 🏠 of my own praise God from Bro Kenneth.

(2) I came to counselling on Thursday 17/08/2023 during the close of the service, the pastor asked us to raise our phones up , he said someone here will receive a financial favour after the prayers I went home 🏠 someone called me and asked for my account number to support my husband burial, behold that same day I received a financial favour praise God from Mummy Abigail

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