Financial Breakthrough

TEXT: Isaiah 48 vs 17, 1st Chronicles 29 vs 11–12, Philippians 4 vs 19, Job, 36 vs 11, Job 8 vs 7.

For those of us who are in Christ Jesus, our currency is the word of God

The word of God is the supplier of money, Philippians 4 vs 19

Having an accumulation of money in our possession is a sign of wealth and prosperity

The pursuit of money through legitimate work has made some people stand out in life

But those who made their money through dubious means suffer in regret

You can not prosper under the anointing of greediness

Money cannot come in we if cannot give out to others.

Some people have problems in giving and they want a financial breakthrough

The grace to make wealth follows those who follow the principle of the world of God, Luke 6 vs 38, 2nd Corinthians 9 vs 6-7, Acts 20 vs 35


(1) Be a friend of Jesus, always be connected to Jesus

(2) Repent from every known sin and kick them out

(3) Learn to give out and you shall receive more

(5) Break the strong hold of anger, greediness and selfishness

Learn to be a tither and sowing seeds for God’s project

(6) Use your money to support God’s project

(7) Be compassionate in helping the poor and those who are in need

(8) Barricade your wealth with the blood of Jesus


(1) Every Satanic power attacking my financial breakthrough, scatter by fire 🔥 in Jesus name

(2) Every witchcraft power attacking my financial blessings catch fire 🔥 in Jesus

(3) Every marine power, diverting my financial blessings catch fire in Jesus name

(4) Agent of marine diverting my money into the sea be destroyed by the fire 🔥 of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name

(5) I retrieve my money from marine kingdom altar in Jesus name

(6) I retrieve my money from witchcraft covens in Jesus name

(7) I retrieve my money from occult altars in Jesus name

(8) I retrieve my money from juju altar in Jesus name

(9) Every Satanic obstacle surrounding my money in the realm of the spirit be destroyed by the blood of Jesus

(10) Every witchcraft rat in my house attacking my financial blessings die in Jesus’ name

(11) I reject every curse issued against my bank account in Jesus name

(12) I will not experience financial disgrace and hardship again in Jesus name

(13) Oh God arise and restore my financial blessings in Jesus name

(14) All the barrier to my financial breakthrough, be roasted by the fire 🔥 of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name

(15) Every connection between me and financial loss, break by fire 🔥 in Jesus name

(16) Every Foundational demons commanding me to spend my money extravagantly, be destroyed by the blood of Jesus

(17) Every Satanic power in my environment attacking my financial blessings catch fire 🔥 in Jesus name

(18) Every witchcraft power monitoring my financial breakthrough scatter by fire 🔥 in Jesus name

(19) Any evil man or woman manipulating my money in any evil altar, run mad and die in Jesus’ name

(20) Season of financial loss in my life expire today in Jesus’ name

(21) Every wicked power that says l will make money and spend it on hospital or sickbed die in Jesus’ name

(22) Handshake that transfers poverty into my life be nullified by the blood of Jesus

(23) Oh God arise and put wealth in my hand in Jesus’ name


(1) In December 2022 I stepped on Charm, and since then I have been battling a health challenge, for the past 9 months I have not matched my foot on the ground, always wearing slippers even if I’m sleeping, I have gone to so many places for healing all to no avail, some months ago my friend directed me to this Ministry but I refused to come because I have spent so much money, but she told me that I won’t spend anything only my faith and believe in Jesus, then I reluctantly came on 26/08/2023 pastor prayed for me and asked to come back the next week, then on Thursday 31/08/23 I came back pastor conducted a Deliverance for me after the prayers instantly I got healed now I can match my 2 legs on the ground I am totally healed praise God from Sis Oluchi

(2) On Wednesday, August 25, 2023, me and my children came to church, During the prayer session, the pastor asked us to come to the altar and pray against attack, After the prayers I went home, The next day I went to my shop, in the afternoon of that day a carpenter was on top of a roof repairing something, suddenly a big wood by 4 by 3 fell on my head, but to the glory of God nothing happened to me praise God from Mummy Ruth

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