Restoration Of Destiny

Text: Genesis 27 vs 1-29, Revelation 3 vs 7-8, 1st Samuel 16 vs 2-13, Genesis 41 vs 37-46.

Prayers are the on key to restore back destiny

Destiny can be hijacked through so many means

When you get to some families, you find out that there are some people that specialized in using other people’s destinies to shine

When a man joins a secret Cult, there is no way the destiny of his children or other family members will be the same because their operation is to use people’s destinies to shine

Some Wil give you money in the form of assistance, the moment their money enters your hand, they will use and divert your destiny, and the person will start struggling

Some Will bring a cow every December or January and give it to their family members, the moment you partake in that cow, they will hijack your destiny, and you start struggling throughout that year

Destiny can also be discovered when a child is born, as evil men and women are coming to greet the new baby, some will start fighting the destiny of the child

Destiny can also be Diverted through witchcraft means and also when you are living in a polluted environment


(1) Every Satanic power that is caging my destiny die in Jesus’ name

(2) Every Satanic power that is working day and night to divert my destiny, you will not succeed, die in Jesus’ name

(3) Destiny hijackers my life is not your candidate, die in Jesus’ name

(4) Wicked powers from my father’s and mother’s house that are working day and night to frustrate my destiny, die in Jesus’ name

(5) Whosoever that wants to take over what God has given to me, you are a liar die in Jesus’ name

(6) Any evil altar that is manipulating my destiny, be destroyed by the fire 🔥 of the Holy Ghost in Jesus’ name

(7) Every Satanic power that has padlocked my destiny, fire 🔥 of the Holy Ghost burn the padlock to ashes in Jesus’ name

(8) Oh God arise and deliver me from those that are fighting against me in Jesus’ name

(9) Household wickedness, oppressing my destiny, die in Jesus’ name

(10) Every Satanic power that is manipulating my womb, be destroyed by the blood of Jesus

(11) Every wicked power that is sitting on my progress and prosperity, your time is up somersault and die in Jesus name

(12) Any of my dead relative that stole my destiny and took it to the grave , I summon you now , return my destiny and go back to the grave in Jesus name

(13) Every door of affliction open by the to trouble me , I shut you down in Jesus name

(14) Every ancestral padlock against my destiny, burn to ashes in Jesus’ name

(15) Every Satanic power that is surrounding my greatness scatter by fire 🔥 in Jesus’ name

(16) Every spirit of barrenness invoked into my life be destroyed by the blood of Jesus

The blood of Jesus restores back my destiny and every good thing the enemies have stolen from me in Jesus’ name.


(1) I used to work and do very well, but suddenly everything started changing in my life, to the extent I can’t eat and even pay my house rent, for some time now it’s a pastor that gives me money on a daily basis for my feeding and also encourages not to worry that God will restore me back, a day before the program someone I have been calling for a long time now called me and offers me a job, I went a told pastor he told me to finish the program that if the job is mine it will wait for me, I called the man and told him that we are in a church program that I will come after the program, he replied and said I should not worry that the job is waiting for me after our church program, I just want to thank God because restoration has started already. Praise God from Brother Samuel

(2) I want to thank God on behalf of my son, for some time now I stopped going to Ministries because of what I have gone through, most of them before you see the pastor, will ask you to pay money, it took me time before I gave birth to my son, and since then it has never been easy, sometimes my son will be complaining that he is carrying a load on his head, last month I received a call from my son’s school they called and said I should come and take my son that he is no feeling fine, I went and carry him on our way going to the clinic we met pastor he laid hand on him and prayed for him the next few days we came to church he blessed water and gave him instantly I said he want to poo we took him to toilet he started stooling out some smelling substance, after the stooling he vomited and immediately he was healed and restored. Praise God from Mummy Luisa

(3) On Wednesday night 21 June 2023, a woman came to our hospital for child delivery and I was on night shift, we took her to the favoured room ( meaning labour room) the process she started pushing, and the moment the head of the baby came out, she said she tired that she can’t continue again for more than 10 minutes, she said we should call the husband that she is tired, on that same process we started praying after some prayers were made she regain her strength and the baby came out, but almost dead, we started praying again the baby came back to life, I want to thank God for the safe delivery of the patient. praise God from Sis Nk

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