Testimony 30/05/2023

(1) Sometimes now I have been very sick, my children took me to hospital, they diagnosed typhoid and malaria, but despite all the drugs I have been taking nothing happened and I also have a toothache, on the process pastor called me one day and I was very down, he asked me to bring a bottle of water for consecration which I manage to get, behold immediately after his prayers I stood up instantly and I was healed, that same moment one of my teeth I was planning to remove fell off since day that day I’m very strong praise God.
From Mummy Helen Okwandu

(2) On Saturday morning 27/May/2023 two ladies came to church for God’s intervention on behalf of their sister that got the loss, as God may have it, the women in the church were having their prayers, and we prayed for them standing on the grace of our father in the Lord, behold today 28/May/2023 the little girl came back with the help of a good Samaritan who brought her back home praise God
From Mummy Chinyere

(3) On Friday 26/May/2023 my daughter came out in front of our house and somebody hypnotized her, she left the house, and we search her everywhere all to no avail, we even reported the matter to the Police station no way, the next day my children came and met pastor Daniel who asked them to go to the church and pray and also told them not to worry that their sister will come back alive, behold my brethren the next day a good Samaritan saw her in a refused dump where she was hallucinating playing with mad people, the man sense in his spirit that may be yahoo boys or ritualist has tampered with her glory, he quickly prayed for her before she regains her consciousness and started asking her some questions which she answered, by the grace of God she where able to remember our house address but was not still very ok, but the moment she stepped in her foot into the church she became normal immediately and pastor also prayed for her, praise God for my daughter life and restoration
From Mummy Calista Michael

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